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February 28, 2010


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anthony de burca

can you please pray I become better person and that I succeed in my life and that my meeting will go well and my friends cancer be alleviated and someday I will go out with the girl i really love



Lois white

Hello , need urgent prayer , watched finger of God and saw you there , please pray for my brother , he and my daughter have depression and anciety , my brothers wife left him and took the children , my brother is a christian and so is his wife , but some how they drifted apart , he wants to get back with his wife , but she says that she is not getting the sign from God to come back , pray that Kathy would be healed , pray both , Peter my brother and esther would be healed ..Peter neds to be healed from his depression and he does not want to be on drugs any more ..
Pray that I can get the house in queensland , australia that I apply for on tuesday , that I can go with reinhard Bonnkie , to eithiopia .Pray that peter can be healed and get a job ..


Please, Man of God pray for me . I need God's intervention in my life and, my families life. I need God to open up my mind as He did for you, and multiply my money and Bless my hand works.would you answer me please. If I get the chance , I will be happy to recieve praying over the phone . Thank you .

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