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October 10, 2012


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Mike Kropman

Hi Daniel I met Bill Russo and he said I should touch base with you. He said that I would enjoy your story and I want to say I am blessed to know that Jesus is Lord in your life. I am new on the Christian music scene, I met Jesus in prison and He changed my life. Jesus set me free from prison Healed me of cancer and allowed me a gift to write music from Him that is a little differnt. I would like to send you a sample or you can go to Jango.com and listen to Sabba that's me. I am a prison Chaplain now in RI and thought if you were ever in the area you could come share your story. I love connecting with others who Know our Savior. I share a lot with Bill and I am believing for His personal relationship with Jesus. Also I just wrote a song that I dedicated to Joyce Meyers because I heard her testimony and she shared one of my favorite Scriptures Isaiah 61 its on Youtube under Joyce Meyers Dedicated by Pastor Mike Kropman
God bless you and Yours, PM / Sabba


I didn't really know were to post this but anyway, here it goes
I found this site yesterday, it's a site where you can send a personalized letter to someone and have it signed by god

Is it god that is making us do this? because I think it's a pretty good thing, to help each other through hard times

They say "Help someone get back on their feet with a letter from god!

This is the site where you can send a personal written letter to anyone, anywhere, signed by God. If you want to help someone to find the strength to go on, this small gesture might just do it. Help someone help themselves."

pretty cool stuff hu? anyways here it is www.lettersfromthemaker.com


listening from California, online. tx for the program, it's very encouraging.

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